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Temp Recruitment/ Permanent Recruitment

The company specializes in conducting Manpower Recruitment across diverse verticals. We have conducted many campus recruitment in the various colleges in Bhopal since inception. We are proud to be a part of recruitment with some colleges.

We are also associated with some reputed companies for hiring manpower for them. Our strong reputation in the job market is based on our transparency and we are proud to be an honest organization with high business ethics.


Mass Hiring

Whether you are planning to hire manpower in bulk to execute your business expansion plans or you are considering Mass Hiring for recruitment in your newly established business, Global Tech Serve is the name you can rely upon. The company has a large databank of candidate profiles with different skills, qualifications, experience, and interests. Thus, we are capable of providing suitable candidates for every job position for immediate recruitment. We are counted among the leading Recruitment Agencies in Bhopal.

Staffing Solutions

We provide expert Staffing Solutions across diverse verticals. As a professional Recruitment Firm, we assess the policies and rules & regulations of the client’s company and accordingly, develop suitable Staffing Solutions. Our Staffing Solutions aim at increasing the efficiency of every department and consequently, the overall productivity of the company. We provide Temporary Staffing Solutions or Permanent Staffing Solutions as per the need in the organization. Our Staffing Solutions are flexible and the level and intensity of recruitment can be adjusted.

Temp Recruitment/ Permanent Recruitment

We are one of India's leading HR Consultants, help modern organizations overcome their business challenges. Realizing fully the complexity of human resource issues presented by the ever-changing global economy, our India temporary staff services open up new vistas of professional careers to candidates. recruitment operation was established to provide a high-quality, professional recruitment service in all markets where we specialise. Our total quality management program means that we have a fully integrated staff recruitment and selection process. It includes detailed assignment briefing and fully validated testing procedures, as well as psychometric assessments and behavioural interview techniques. Extensive reference checking enables us to select and refer only candidates of the highest calibre ideally matched to your needs.

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